Enjoy of New Year in the Inca’s city is an astonish experience. Near to the great night the city has a huge wave of visitants that come from different cultures and places all around the world, the ones who complete Cusco with excitement and charm

As most of New Year traditions, it is indispensable the celebration taken at midnight. The main square, reunion point for excellence, attracts thousands of people who to the rhythm of a coordinated countdown hope the New Year toasts and the noisy fireworks. For that occasion and without failing collective enthusiasm, Cusco’s government gives people a show played with orchestras and bands until late in the morning.

New Year in Cusco

Tradition is not the only thing that fills the peculiar New Year celebration that takes place in the Main Square. A wide superstitious belief encourages all kinds of cabals and rituals which give a number of benefits in different areas the next year. Some of these rituals are:

  • Using Lingerie with different colors: mostly yellow and red are the favorite colors representing luck and love.
  • Eating 12 grapes: Asking a desire after ingesting each. The number represents the number of months of the year.
  • Eating lentils or save it: To preserve the assets and wealth.
  • Run around the block: If you complete the turn all challenges will be done and if you do it with a bag, there will be the great possibility of travel.
  • Drink Champagne: It is important to drink this liqueur not only for the toast but because the bubbles represent happiness and drink it helps to find it.

These are some very common rituals not only in Peru but worldwide. In the same way as our style, Torre Dorada has a significant tradition that every night of 31 shares with its guests. This tradition is to offer our passengers a toast at the reception where we invited them to drink a glass of champagne combined with cherry juice and champagne cookies. Additional to this toast, they are given the choice to pick between three of four ties ribbons hand of different colors (blue, green, yellow and red) which purpose is to call health, money, luck and love. However, beyond the symbolic meaning of this practice, the reality is that we always want to spend time with our guests, showing them hospitality and service that distinguishes us every time.

Happy New Year to all!

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