The cusquenian craftsmanship has always distinguished for their complicated detail at the moment of being created. It’s one of the most important expressions of the Inca’s city which origin comes from the mix of Andean culture and the colonial influence.

Currently, cusquenian artisans have got a remarkable degree of global fame. Their handicrafts are praised and desired by many foreign visitors. The job as well as the competencies of artisans is a privilege that is inherited until these days from father to son from one generation to other. That is the main reason by which the style is preserved with the pass of decades.

Face of these geniuses of sculpture in wood, plaster or maguey stands one of their most popular works of art in these Christmas celebrations: The Niño Manuelito’s handicraft. The figure of this child represents Jesus Christ himself on the day of his birth. It is a holy image that brings together a peculiar cusquenian characteristic, a collective devotion that can be witnessed in every home on Christmas Eve (December 24th).



The history of Manuelito child started in the seventeenth century when natives, puzzled by the strangeness of the name Emmanuel which was just another name coined for the Messiah

, decided to re-baptize him using only the name of Manuel. Manuelito is the diminutive of Manuel, used to name the child version of this personage.


During the period of Christmas, Cusco’s Main Square is filled with a fair called Santurantikuy, holy sale or sale of saints, whose history dates back in the sixteenth century. It’s so old that it represents a date of big importance in the tradition of Cusco’s citizens and at the same time it constitutes one of the biggest events of the country in the month of December. In such event, Many Manuelito children are put up for sale. The jou

It is possible to find figures of the child in different styles, sizes and allusions, not to mention that in all prices. The artisans sculpt the children figures in different poses: tired, thoughtful, smiling, etc. Of course, like many rnalist Julio Muñiz Caparó states: “Cusquenian artisans and those from neighbor cities prepare themselves six months before and try out their best techniques to honor God child”.

Andean handicrafts, the physical adaptations shows a child with mestizo traits wearing typical clothes, red cheeks and black eyes full of sweetness.

Another group of handicrafts complete the feria; figures of the wizards, Jesus’s parents, animals and comic characters of day-to-day.


At this time, Cusco dresses up of artistic brilliance and the people of warmth and joy. The message of Christmas will always be the same in the background: love and communal spirituality. Torre Dorada wants to give you the best at this time, making our guests feel at home, giving you all the facilities to live a great holidays. Feel free to visit us.

Merry Christmas! It’s a desire of Torre Dorada’s Family.

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